Virtual Alpha-1 National Conference: Day 1 Recap

“All of our experts have been so generous with their genius.” – Richard Lovrich, Alpha-1 patient.

Thank you for registering and joining us for the first Virtual Alpha-1 National Conference. Today was exciting! I loved opening my laptop and chatting with Alphas from all over the world.

  • We welcomed all of our first time attendees. The Alpha 101 sessions can be supplemented by materials on the Foundation’s website or we can help you get in touch with an Alpha-1 Foundation Clinical Resource Center.
  • The Foundation is all about Alphas and we loved the introductions to each session that started with personal patient testimonials.
  • We received so many questions about COVID-19 during the session that we will follow up by changing our FAQs on our website.
  • Carey Lohrenz was tremendously inspirational, and the messages from our sponsors were terrific.
  • And of course Dr. Brantly’s session on Clinical Trials answered some very important questions.

As I chatted with old friends I heard so much positive feedback about the program and the platform. And I got some recommendations, which I always love to hear.

I hope you had an opportunity to visit our exhibit hall, our resource center and lounges. If you didn’t make it today be sure to do that tomorrow. There are so many rich resources to put into your briefcase and take away with you after leaving the platform.

The high point in attendance at our in-person national conference is around 700. Today you are one of over 2,300 registrants, with 15% attendance from our international Alphas, doctors and friends. Thanks for making today a great day.

See you tomorrow,