Charitable Distributions & Stock Donations

Retirement Assets

Naming the Alpha-1 Foundation as the beneficiary of your qualified retirement plan (including an IRA, Keogh, 401(K), 403(B), or defined benefit plan) can help you save on taxes while advancing research into a cure for Alpha-1.

For individuals 70½  or older with a traditional IRA, Qualified Charitable Distributions (QCDs), also known as IRA Charitable Rollovers, are a savvy way to use your IRA to maximize your charitable impact.

Our partnership with FreeWill makes it free and easy to make a gift to the Alpha-1 Foundation in 10 minutes or less. Make a QCD gift today

Appreciated Stocks & Securities

Many donors prefer to make gifts of appreciated stocks, bonds, mutual funds, or exchange traded funds. When you donate stocks and securities, you avoid paying capital gains tax, maximizing the impact of your money to support the fight for a cure for Alpha-1.

Use our free online tool to donate stocks in less than 5 minutes or access our transfer information and work directly with your broker to transfer your stocks. Donate stocks today