Alpha-1 Awareness Month Recap: Week 4

November 30th marked the last day of Alpha-1 Awareness Month and this year was the most successful to date!

WHAT A BUSY MONTH IT HAS BEEN! We are so thankful for all the walkers and donors who participated in the 2021 Virtual Walk. Together, the Alpha-1 Community raised over $72,000 for research and related programs. The Alpha-1 Community turned the map purple and had participation in 36 states and even international countries. There was a grand total of 700 participants that included 79 teams and 150 individual walkers.

From baking cookies to raffling off autographed quilts, we had walkers from all over the country use their unique talents and creativity to help raise awareness and funds. Participants walked each and every day during the month, and some even were able to gather their family and friends together during the holidays. We even had some groups participate in Turkey Trots for Alpha-1 and sell doggie bandanas. If you walked in a park, in your neighborhood or even around your dining room table- you made a difference.

The community stayed connected by using the #A1FVW21 and posting pictures of their activities all month long. From walks in Maui, Hawaii to Vero Beach, Florida and everywhere in between the mission to help find a cure for Alpha-1 moved forward. Team captains used their “surprise boxes” filled with Alpha-1 swag throughout the month and used the banner to promote awareness for Alpha-1 with each step taken. We are so humbled and grateful for all the walks that took place and know that we are putting your donations to work.

Earlier this month, Gainesville resident and Alpha Deborah Labud, along with her family and doctors, celebrated her 20-year anniversary since her lung transplant by participating in the 2021 Virtual Walk in Cedar Key, Florida. Labud and her supporters were featured in a CBS4 online news article for their efforts in raising awareness and funds for Alpha-1.

“It is a milestone, a lot of times after five years, you end up with rejection, and I passed that 10 and then now I’m there at the 20, and I plan to celebrate again on my 30th,” said Labud. You can read the full article here.

To close out this month’s awareness campaign, the Foundation received two more state proclamations recognizing November as Alpha-1 Awareness Month in both Utah and Georgia. Thank you to DC Young and Laraine Potter for reaching out to their state leadership to make this happen!

A tremendous thank you to EVERYONE who participated in and supported Alpha-1 Awareness Month. Whether you helped raise awareness through social media, fundraised by joining or forming a team for the Virtual Walk, or attended awareness related events this month, the Alpha-1 Foundation appreciates your involvement!

Thank you to our sponsors: AlphaNet, CSL Behring, Grifols, and Takeda for your support during Alpha-1 Awareness Month and for your dedication to the Alpha-1 Community.