Alpha-1 Foundation welcomes new Board of Director, Jon Hagstrom

The Alpha-1 Foundation is proud to announce and introduce its newest Board of Director, Jon Hagstrom.

Jon Hagstom was diagnosed as a ZZ Alpha in 2008. The course of his disease was quite aggressive and cut his career short in his early 40s. He got listed for lung transplant at both Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center in New York City and Duke University Medical Center in Durham, North Carolina. Jon received a bilateral lung transplant from Duke in 2016.

Jon spent over 20 years working in investment banking and management consulting.  At Credit Suisse, he was responsible for risk and valuation systems for the credit derivatives and emerging markets businesses.  As a partner at both Booz & Co and Accenture, his main client focus was banks, broker/dealers and exchanges. His career took him all over the world, including extended expat assignments in Brazil, Mexico, and the United Kingdom.

Jon serves on the Alpha-1 Foundation’s Investment Committee and the Development Committee and is active in fundraising for a cure for Alpha-1. Jon is an avid classical pianist and resides in Westchester County, New York.