Special Enrollment Period Enrollment Ends August 15!

The Special Enrollment Period is coming to an end on August 15, 2021. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has updated materials for the final week of Summer Sprint to Coverage. In the Toolkit you will find testimonial videos, talking points, announcements, a NEW drop in article, and NEW social media countdown messages to share with your members and those in your community.

Key Messages for Consumers:

If you need coverage—or are looking to save money on better coverage—now is the time to act. There’s just no better time to shop for coverage.

The American Rescue Plan provides greatly improved financial assistance during the Special Enrollment Period, which can significantly lower people’s premiums.

  • Four out of five people currently enrolled can find plans for $10/month or less after newly expanded financial assistance.
  • For a typical family of four, the average premium will go from $400 a month down to $163 per month due to newly expanded financial assistance.

Also – right now – if someone received unemployment compensation for even one week in 2021 – they can get the maximum assistance possible at for the rest of the year. This means people who got unemployment are likely to find a plan for $0 a month and have very low deductibles and copays. We’re encouraging anyone who got unemployment this year to go to today.

Check out CMS’ resources to share information on the Summer Sprint to Coverage:

Summer Sprint to Coverage Toolkit (including a new drop in article)

Summer Sprint to Coverage Social Media Toolkit

Summer Sprint to Coverage Testimonial Videos:

For more information, contact the CMS Office of Communications Partner Relations Group at or view our website for further resources.

The final deadline is approaching, so act now. Consumers will have until August 15th to take advantage of this Special Enrollment Period.  Go to today.