ISCT Statement on the Marketing of Unproven Stem Cell Treatments for COVID-19

In the light of the unfolding COVID-19 pandemic, there is urgent need for new therapies, particularly for critically ill patients. As legitimate clinical investigations, such as SARS-COV-2 vaccine clinical trials, ramp up, there has been a proliferation of unproven and untested interventions, including unfounded claims for “stem cell”-based treatments. The International Society for Cell & Gene Therapy (ISCT) strongly opposes the irresponsible offering of unproven cell-based interventions, especially in the context of such a serious pandemic.

We urge affected individuals and families to speak with expert medical professionals to obtain the most accurate available information. The ISCT Presidential Task Force (PTF) on the Use of Unproven and/or Unethical Cell and Gene Therapy website provides several resources on the legitimate clinical use of cell- and gene-based therapies for a variety of conditions.

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