Grifols Hits Milestone of Screening One Million Patients for Alpha-1

“On behalf of Alpha-1 patients and families, we applaud Grifols for this incredible milestone of 1 million screenings through their free testing program. Your commitment to the community is outstanding and raising awareness for Alpha-1 , as well as, providing better health outcomes through accelerated diagnosis. Thank you Grifols for your dedication and continued support,” exclaimed Scott Santarella, President & CEO, Alpha-1 Foundation.

BREAKING NEWS: Grifols has now reached the major milestone of 1 million patients screened for alpha-1 in the US through the Grifols free testing program! This is a result of many years of dedication and commitment to advancing the diagnosis and care for alpha-1 patients by Grifols, our partners, and Healthcare Providers alike.  

Click here to view the “Thanks A Million” video :