What to Know About the KF94 Mask

The following information was published in the New York Times. To access the full article, please click here.
Even as mask mandates begin to lift across the country, many people still need high-quality masks for air travel, shopping and visiting the doctor. One of the best options is the KF94 from South Korea.
KF94 stands for “Korean filter” and “94 percent” filtration. The KF94 was developed in South Korea for public use, and unlike the N95, which is the respirator-style mask approved in the United States, the KF94 is available in adult and child sizes. In Korea, the masks range in price from 529 won to 1,244 won (about 50 cents to $1); most online sellers in the United States charge about $1 per mask. Like other respirator-style masks, a KF94 can be worn for a total of about 40 hours, in any combination of short or long increments, as long as it remains clean and continues to fit snugly on the face.
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