Announcement: ZEMAIRA Alpha-1 Proteinase Inhibitor (Human) Update

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CSL Behring remains committed to the patient community and fully dedicated to continuing to make
ZEMAIRA available.

Following routine line maintenance, we have experienced some manufacturing delays and this has
impacted our supply plans. We are working tirelessly to resolve this matter and anticipate intermittent
supply disruptions affecting some ZEMAIRA patients over the next several months.

We are monitoring the situation very closely and are taking several steps to stabilize our future ZEMAIRA
supply. We are also evaluating long‐term enhancements to our manufacturing capabilities, including
pursuing opportunities with contract manufacturing partners to help supplement our current filling

Patients are encouraged to contact their pharmacy regarding their individual prescription and to contact
their physician about their treatment plan and potential alternative therapy options if necessary.

For any additional questions patients can call CSL Behring Medical Information at 1‐800‐504‐5434 or
email at

Patient focus is our fundamental and guiding company principle. We are keenly aware that our
therapies are essential and are working hard to improve the situation.