Jon Hagstrom selected for ATS Patient Advisory Roundtable (PAR)

The American Thoracic Society (ATS) Public Advisory Roundtable (PAR) is an essential part of the ATS structure. Comprised of CEOs and other executive staff of 12-15 respiratory-related patient interest organizations, they work collaboratively to advance the mission of the ATS. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship where collaboration advances shared educational, research and advocacy goals. PAR brings the patient perspective to the ATS and provides strategic guidance at multiple levels throughout their governance structure to keep patients as a central focus of all activities and programs. A member of PAR is appointed to standing ATS committees, shaping policy, and stimulating research in an unparalleled synergy. PAR members meet rigorous criteria as PAR brings the patient voice to all American Thoracic Society (ATS) work, including the ATS International Conference. PAR members serve a volunteer term of three years. 

The Alpha-1 Foundation is proud to recognize Jon Hagstrom, Chair of the Board of Directors as a new member of PAR. As a ZZ Alpha-1 patient and bilateral lung transplant recipient, Jon is a ideal member for this roundtable. Jon serves in a variety of roles for the Foundation, spanning all aspects of our mission. He has a keen interest in research and therapeutic development, serving as a patient representative on the Grant Advisory Committee, the Therapeutic Development Network Steering Committee, the Alpha-1 Research Registry Steering Committee, and the Alpha-1 Biomarker Consortium. He is passionate about patient support, serving as the Support Group Leader for New York/New Jersey, an Alpha-1 Global Advisory Committee member, and a Peer Guide for Alphas facing lung transplant. He is a fierce advocate for fellow Alphas, actively lobbying Congress for better care, championing patient interests to the FDA, and promoting early detection. He has been a member of the Investment and Development Committees since 2019, elected Board Treasurer and Executive Committee member in 2021, and Board Chair in 2022.

“I’m proud to be able to add Alpha-1 to the many patient voices represented on the ATS Public Advisory Roundtable. The PAR brings patient perspectives to the highest levels of respiratory health discourse, and it is important to add the unique challenges of the Alpha-1 community to the mix, stated Jon Hagstrom. 

Meet the PAR 2024-2025 members, click here:

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