Raising Alpha-1 Awareness in Oregon

Natasha Durant, Alpha Mom and Oregon Support Group Co-Leader began planning for the local 4th of July parade early this year! In February, she reached out excited to participate in the annual parade with an Alpha-1 themed float. Friends and family joined together in their purple Alpha-1 Foundation virtual walk t-shirts to raise awareness in Oregon, passing out fast fact flyers on the parade route.

A message from Natasha Durant: 

I know being involved with the Alpha-1 Foundation is the best thing I can do for my children’s futures, and for the Alpha-1 community as a whole. I came up with a great Idea! What better way to raise awareness for Alpha-1 then by broadcasting it to a captive audience? We asked our local community for donations of lumber, decorations, candy and entry fees to help build this awareness 4th of July float and they delivered graciously.

We were excited to ride along in the parade on our purple-themed float, throwing candy, waving, and handing out Alpha-1 Fast Fact Flyers with the hope of reaching new patients, family members, doctors, and/or medical staff. Maybe we could educate someone on Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency and get someone detected and diagnosed early. Several people who did know about Alpha-1 thanked us for being there and sharing our cause.

Awareness elevates the desire to find a cure. You will never know who might be inspired if you don’t share the information. By gaining awareness, we hope to gain supporters and donors who can help us in the search for a cure.

The Alpha-1 community is worth the fight. My children are worth the fight. I implore each of you to advocate for your fellow Alphas. Raise awareness, participate in research, and fundraise with Building Friends for a Cure to help move the mission along. The Power is in You to Make a Difference! Together, we can be even stronger.

Click here to learn more about Building Friends for a Cure.

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